Oil Spraying

Rust reduces your automobile’s longevity, and so it’s vital to take steps to prevent rust from starting! Undercoating is one of the most important things you can do to prevent rust and ultimately extend the life of your vehicle!

When rust becomes a problem?

How does rust form to begin with? When the metals of your car oxidize, a coating of iron oxide (patches of reddish brown flakes) often accompanied by peeling or bubbling paint occurs. Rust spreads quickly and causes serious damage before long, so you need to protect the metals from developing iron oxide. Major causes of rust are rain, humidity, snow and salt; and once rust starts, it will spreads quickly!

Rust can have varying degrees of severity, depending on how much and where it is located. Rust on the paint surface of your car isn’t as significant of a problem, although it is ugly. It usually occurs after a rock chip penetrates the paint and causes the exposed metal to react with water, air and other contaminants. It takes minimal time and effort to fix this, whether you have it done at an auto body shop or do it yourself using a rust pen and touch up paint.

The rusted areas you need to be worried about are on the seams of the doors & body panels, the fenders, and on underside of your vehicle. If not maintained, corrosion on your car results in holes in the body and creates safety issues. Rust on the frame can degrade the car’s integrity, resulting in diminishing ability to protect occupants in a crash. Rusty brake lines and gas lines create their own safety problems as well, and can be expensive to replace.

In Canada, severe rust will become worsened during the next few approaching winter months!

Rust and Canadian Winters

Canada in renowned for it’s harsh winters, and our roads (particularly urban) are slathered with road salt during those coldest and snowiest months.

Unfortunately, road salt is necessary for safe driving, however, it can do a lot of auto damage. Road salt is corrosive and accelerates the growth of existing rust on your vehicle. Because the underbody of your vehicle is closest to the salty road surface, a majority of salt damage will occur on the bottom of the car. Water and salt spray up on the underside of your vehicle sticking there, corroding your vehicle’s vital underside components. It is difficult to detect and causes significant damage very quickly.

Preventative Measures

Washing your car regularly during the winter months is vital to reduce the amount of salt stuck to your car. Once every week is optimal, but we know this isn’t always possible, so it makes sense to have your car undercoated aw well.

Having your car body undercoated annually with an oil spray is the best way to defend your car against road salt. Oil spraying involves covering the underside of your car with a coat of oil which protects it against rust. Oil sprays creeps into the seams, folds, joints and weld spots where rust often starts, as well as protecting your electrical components, brake, and fuel lines against corrosion.

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Our Complete Auto Oil Spraying Includes:

  • Entire undercarriage
  • Door panels
  • Under hood
  • Rocker panels
  • Trunk / Tailgate