Want your

Engine to

Last Longer?


Power Up NNL 690 - Save your engine and improve fuel economy

Better gas mileage, lower engine wear, and longer oil life can be yours with Power Up NNL 690 EngineMaxx.  It’s only available at DC Autocare Mobility Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Power Up products in the Greater Essex Area.

Power Up NNL 690 is Specifically Engineered to:

  • Reduce Downtime and Catastrophic Failure
  • Enhance Fuel Economy
  • Eliminate Dry Starts
  • Extend Oil Service Life
  • Protect at Extreme Temperatures
  • Reduce Corrosion
  • Improve Energy Efficiency [Increased Horsepower]

Power Up NNL 690 is a carefully balanced engine oil additive that provides you with significant benefits including peace of mind that your vehicle will run no matter how extreme the conditions.

How it works

Power Up NNL 690 is shown to significantly reduce the amount of engine wear when used in conjunction with your regular engine oil.  Calculated estimates suggest that you can extend the life of your engine up to 7 times.  Computer diagnostic test also found that it increases horsepower and torque, while reducing fuel consumption, engine wear and emissions.  It does this by creating a unique boundary layer that is able to withstand 200,000 lbs per sq. inch, far surpassing that of conventional engine oils.


This video will blow your mind (not your engine)