Be in the know about your vehicle

You can check your auto’s oil levels, regularly inspect your tires, you can even read your car’s error codes on your smartphone.  But there is a lot of other important information that your car provides.  Usually errors will be indicated by a check engine light on your dash board panel.

At DC Autocare, we perform a complete computer diagnostic on your vehicle.  It executes a pass/fail test on every sensor in your vehicle, and it cross references your VIN with the manufacturer’s recall and TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) history.  Included in that history are software updates your vehicle has installed and any updates to the software that are outstanding.  Unless you bring your car to the dealership regularly because you enjoy paying high prices, you may not be aware of any important updates needed to your vehicle.

For just $65, plus tax, will receive all of the above information in printed form to keep with your vehicles service history.  You will only have to bring your car to the dealership when their work on your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer.

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