Mission Statement

“Provide honest auto repair services at reasonable rates, while educating about the value of proper vehicle maintenance”

Hello there,

My name is Dino Parete, and I am the proud owner of DC Autocare Mobility Ltd in Amherstburg, Ontario. I began my mechanics career at 18-years of age and have been repairing and maintaining all manner of vehicles for 25+ years and counting. I am very satisfied with my career because I really enjoy working with my hands, troubleshooting and solving problems. I have to say that auto mechanics is in my blood.

Many times over the years I have seen vehicles that were in a state of immense disrepair, requiring plenty of parts and a lot of work to make them safe again. It is because many people think about vehicle maintenance re-actively, whereas you are wiser to view vehicle maintenance proactively. Let me explain.

You will eventually need to replace your tires. But, if you wait until one blows on the side of the road, you may need to have your car towed, or it can damage the rim or wheel well.  Not to mention, working on the side of a busy road is very unsafe. Instead, you replace the tires beforehand and it will ensure you do not incur any extra expenses or worse.

Most every part of your vehicle will wear out or break eventually. But overall, it will happen sooner and will be more costly if you do not regularly maintain your vehicle. Here’s the best part… by replacing parts before failure, not after, it’s also spreading out less money over a longer time-period rather than waiting to repair everything at once.

If you are the type of person who likes to spend less in the long run while helping retain the value of your vehicle; call DC Autocare at (519) 736-5757 and let’s start with an oil change. You can get a full diagnostic printout for your car, and we will have time to discuss in more detail how you can save money with regular maintenance and retain the value of your investment.

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Hope to see you soon,